Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1 Nov 2010 - Juvees de D’Alt

We had planned to walk the Green Horse today, but we woke to an overcast morning with light rain and very heavy winds. Not the best of weather for a ridge walk. We all agreed that we would walk in the valley instead.

Fortunately both David and Pat had done a valley walk some time ago, and were reasonably confident that they could find it again. We had also walked it before, but that was three years and in the opposite direction to today.

The walk started down the mosarabic path to the valley bottom. This is the same path we use on the return leg of the Baranco Inferno walk. Good path and much easier going down than coming up!

At the bottom is this sign to Cova Santa – more appropriate for Christmas perhaps

This valley must have been quite populated at one time, for there are more abandoned finca’s and farms than is normal.

By the time we reached the valley bottom the weather had improved. The grey skies were replaced with blue, and we had a warm sun on our backs. So a halt was called to remove a layer or two.

This is a very dramatic looking valley, with a distant view to Denia and the sea

However it’s not long before we are climbing up again. Another mosarabic path, but a very manageable ascent. It is a gradual climb with level bits to recover in between the more steep sections. A cool breeze also helped to make it a pleasant climb.

We had no idea what this walk is called until we came upon this sign post - Juvees de D’Alt

A short distance further on we arrived at our first objective, an abandoned village.

Trust Pat to find not only a chair, but even a table! Just one of the perks of being “the boss”

The first part of the walk had been much better marked than we anticipated. And from here it was a broad dirt road to the rural restaurant where we usually have lunch when we walk The Green Horse.

The dirt road runs around one side of the valley, and climbs the whole way. There are no really steep parts, but the constant gradient is quite tiring.

This is a view of the dirt road from the opposite side of the valley.

We were all quite pleased when Pat decided it was time for lunch.

And it would be hard to find a better spot for it

After lunch we soon joined the track back to Benimaurrel, with long views past the village to the coast beyond.

Next Walk

The next walk will be on Monday 15 November. It will be El Cau. Meet at same place as last time. Take Pinos road. Just past motorway bridge look for parking area on right of road. We will meet there at 1000.

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